Audi International Jazz Festival brings progressive tunes to Cambodia

With the third Audi International Jazz Festival of Phnom Penh, the organizers continue their contribution to the resurrection of Cambodia’s artistic Golden Age of the 60s. The festival directly interrelates to the capacity of musical laboratory that made the reputation of Cambodia in these times. On December 13th, Raffles Hotel Le Royal welcomes the internationally renowned Christian Brenner Quartet. One day later, they perform together with famous trumpeter Damon Brown at Topaz Restaurant.

According to Antoine Jeanson, Operations Director of Audi Cambodia, the desire to foster and support culture originated in 1962 when employees initiated the founding of the Audi Philharmonic Wind Orchestra. “The cultural program Audi ArtExperience now includes various priorities, from the program’s own formats like the Audi Summer Concerts and the Audi Youth Choir Academy to sponsorship of high-calibre cultural institutions like the Salzburg Festival and the Bayreuth Festival. Culture at Audi stands for the dialog with artists and creative minds from the fields of music, design and visual arts as well as film and theatre”, Jeanson said.

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