Know-how from Germany

Senior Expert Service

What is supported?

  • The Senior Expert Service seconds specialists who are either retired or on a leave of absence for worldwide voluntary assignments to private companies, governmental and non-governmental institutions

Who can participate?

  • Small and medium-sized companies, public authorities, professional and business associations, social and medical facilities, institutions providing basic education or vocational training

What does SES offer?

  • SES has more than 12,000 experts with expertise in more than 50 sectors of industry who provide advice and hands-on support nearly all around the world
  • Their volunteer assignments usually last 3 – 6 weeks; max. duration: 6 months
  • Project handling costs, additional costs, cost of international travel
  • Local expenses to be paid for by applicants
Project partners 
  • Lyly Food, Senior Expert Service
  • Knowledge transfer and capacity strengthening



Integrated experts

CIM is jointly run by GIZ and the German Federal Employment Agency. It has been providing a combination of development and labour market policy expertise since 1980. Its tasks are the following:

  • Sourcing and placing European experts – and other experts from outside Europe who have settled in Germany – in developing and emerging countries
  • Offering a network for those who have migrated to Germany and who wish to support development in their country of origin
  • Advising individuals and policymakers on migration issues
Integrated experts in Cambodia:

  • Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology (CADT)
  • European Chamber of Commerce Cambodia
  • International Rice Research Institute
  • Mekong River Commission (MRC)
  • Ministry of Economy and Finance, Dep. of Insurance & Pension
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Ministry of Planning, National Institute of Statistics
  • Ministry of Women’s Affairs
  • National Social Security Fund
  • Young Entrepreneurs Association of Cambodia



Alumniportal Deutschland

What is supported?

  • The Alumniportal Deutschland offers access to international experts who have studied or worked in Germany
  • The portal facilitates contacts to companies and organisations, promotes individual career development and durable links with Germany, promotes and exchanges skills and knowledge, and opens new cooperation options
  • The portal currently has more than 100,000 members


Chamber and Vocational Education and Training Partnerships

What is supported?

  • Partnerships between German chambers, business associations, vocational training & education institutions and those in BMZ partner countries to improve the operational and management capacities of chambers, business associations or vocational training & education institutions in developing countries