Explore Alternative Manufacturing and SEZs in Cambodia

New Guidebook on Alternative Manufacturing &
Special Economic Zones 2024

EuroCham Cambodia, GBC, and the former GIZ Business Scouts for Development Programme are delighted to announce the joint publication of the Alternative Manufacturing and Special Economic Zones Guidebook 2024. The comprehensive 66-page publication serves as a reference for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry stakeholders who seek to delve into the realm of alternative manufacturing within the context of Cambodia’s SEZs. It provides a wealth of information on the legal and regulatory frameworks, investment incentives, and infrastructure facilities available within these zones. Furthermore, it features case studies of companies operating in local SEZs, sharing first hand experiences made by these stakeholders regarding the advantages and future potentials of settling within a local SEZ.

These strategically located zones act as one-stop service hubs, streamlining administrative processes and simplifying business operations in Cambodia. Moreover, they stimulate industrial development, generate employment opportunities, and foster technological advancements. Potential investors will find a fertile ground for collaboration among factories within these zones, enabling joint investments and synergistic growth. As a result, SEZs have emerged as dynamic catalysts for attracting substantial foreign direct investment (FDI) and boosting international trade, underpinning Cambodia’s economic prosperity.

Over the past decade, the country has actively sought to to diversify and upgrade its industrial and export base. Garments and textiles have been a cornerstone of Cambodia’s export-driven economy, but efforts are being made to expand into alternative manufacturing areas like electronics and automotive. The Guidebook also explores these new manufacturing trends that are estimated to largely rely on Cambodia’s SEZ infrastructure in the future.

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