BEE Incorporations


Mr. Alessandro BISAGNI
Founder & President, Cambodia
+855 (0)12856174

BEE Incorporations is a multi-national consultancy company headquartered in Asia. We deliver sustainability solutions for green and healthy buildings worldwide. We provide building certification and corporate wellness consulting, monitoring & testing, and green materials solutions for projects across all sectors and scales. BEE delivered over 500 certified Green Building projects in 30 countries,

Our team will execute the work necessary to carry out projects under the leading green building and health & wellness certification programs including LEED, BEAM, China 3-Star, LBC, RESET, WELL, EDGE, and ARC Certifications – from project application, credit documentation, and energy calculations to final submission.

BEE also provides intelligent building management solutions that will help to save energy cost and ensure healthy indoor air quality.  We have experience in energy auditing in accordance with ASHRAE standard and support our clients to implement energy saving measures.