People from twenty countries crown Germany as top nation brand

According to a study published on November 16th, Germany is the most popular country among 50 nations. France ranks on second position, followed by the United Kingdom while Canada and Japan share position four. The United States – last year on top position – fall on rank six, suffering from a substantial drop in global perception.

The Nation Brands Index (NBI) is annually conducted by GfK Company and S. Anholt, an independent policy advisor. It is the world‘s most comprehensive global nation branding survey, based on perceptions of more than 20,000 people from twenty countries. The NBI helps governments, organizations and businesses understand, measure and ultimately build a strong national image and reputation. It measures the power and quality of each country‘s ‘brand image’ by combining six dimensions: governance, exports, tourism, investment & immigration, culture & heritage, and people.

In the 2017 edition Germany ranks not below fourth position in each category except tourism. In particular, Germany improved its image in Asia – especially China – compared to recent years.

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