German business development cooperation in the Mekong region discussed in top-class workshop on 18th of June

The German Business Group Cambodia (ADW), the Global Business Network (GBN) Programme and the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Myanmar (AHK Myanmar) are pleased to invite you to the workshop on “German business development cooperation in the Mekong region” on June, 18th.

Located between the two Asian giants, China and India, the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) is one of the most dynamic regions within Asia. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam are among the fastest growing economies in the world. They recognize the benefits of regional integration and global inter-connection. Each market offers a wide range of opportunities to German and European companies, from exports of machineries, sustainable energy solutions, finance, technologies for imports of raw materials and light industry products to investments for production and manufacturing.

The workshop starts at 12 pm and provides first-hand information about market opportunities (sourcing, export, investment) in Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia provided by three country experts. It is followed by a presentation about German development cooperation in the region and deriving opportunities for the private sector. In addition, the Asia Development Bank sheds light on international tenders.

Please find the tentative schedule here. To register, please click here or email to