First Bachelor program for German as a Foreign Language

The University of Cambodia (UC) has decided to offer the first Bachelor for German as a Foreign Language in Cambodia. It will create a German Department and start mid of October 2018 with a preparatory year. In 2019, the official four-year program will start.

The UC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Meta House Goethe-Zentrum Phnom Penh (GZ). Assisted by the German political foundation Heinrich Böll Stiftung, GZ will develop the curriculum and provide the university with qualified teachers at least for the first two years. Parallel to this, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) aims to assist the UC by applying in Germany for a long time lecturer and other forms of assistance.

The studies shall focus mainly on high skills in the German language, including high proficiency in reading, speaking, listening and writing. Specific purposes within the BA program are planned such as tourist guidance, business and administration, and German language teaching. Further implications may also be Master Studies in Germany, exchange between the UC and German universities as well as collaborations with German businesses in Cambodia.

“The UC is highly motivated to start a German Department. It is a great honor for us to assist and support them”, said Wolfgang Asen, Director of the Language Department of Meta House Goethe-Zentrum Phnom Penh.