Cosmos Services celebrates 15th anniversary

Cosmos Services, one of ADW’s founding members, looks back on 15 years of business operations in Cambodia. As one of the Kingdom’s leading inspection and audit specialist, the company plays a crucial role in the apparel industry’s quality management. The all-around service includes factory assessments, social compliance audits, pre-production sample assessments, final random inspections, and loading surveillance.

To celebrate this anniversary in an adequate way Marco Kalinna, founder and CEO, invited his staff for a week-end trip to Siem Reap: “My co-director Max Gridling and I just wanted to thank our staff for their commitment and dedication. At the end of the day, it is their excellent work that satisfies our clients in Japan, Europe, and the United States – and their customers of Cambodian textiles and shoes.”

More information about Cosmos Services is available here: