Oktoberfest 2022 goes Factory Phnom Penh

The Oktoberfest hosted by GBC is finally back!

German Business Cambodia (GBC), the German chapter of EuroCham Cambodia, is hosting this year’s Oktoberfest at the end of November, after a 3-year abstinence from Cambodia’s party scene. The event is back with a new concept and combines with the “Phnom Penh International Beer & Food Festival”, held on the grounds of Factory Phnom Penh.

Co-branded with local premium brew Hanuman Beer, the event shapes up to become an extravaganza with more than 20 bands, performers and DJ’s who will entertain an anticipated 50 000 visitors over 10 days, from Friday the 25th of November to Sunday the 4th of December. 

For more information check out the facebook page here!

Tickets for Fridays and Saturdays will be sold at $7 including one free beer, with the rest of the event free throughout the other event days. Children up to 14 enter free. A selection of craft and specialty beers will be available, as well as a wide range of food delicacies: German sausages, great burgers, kebabs, Khmer bbq specialties and much more.

During the event on weekends, Factory Phnom Penh’s Weekend Market takes place, too.

The Festival is also supported by the Cambodia Chinese Commerce Association (CCCA) and EuroCham Cambodia, and will feature a business networking night on Friday the 25th. Table reservations are encouraged via the facebook page or call 093 999 012.