Germany rises to number two as a work destination


In a change partly propelled by geopolitics, Germany is now the most popular work destination in Europe and ahead of every other country in the world except the United States. Presented by The Boston Consulting Group and the online international recruitment company The Network, this finding bases on one of the largest surveys ever of labor trends and work preferences with 366,000 interviewees in 197 countries.

Happy New Year!

The old year comes to an end and we are entering the year 2562 of the Buddhist Era. It is also the year of the Earth Dog which promises economic changes and growth. It is supposed to be a good year financially to many. On this occasion, the German Business Groups ADW thanks all its members, partners, and friends for a successful cooperation in the past. We are looking forward continuing our trustful relationships within Cambodia’s business community in the future. For now, we wish you all wonderful holidays and memorable moments with your family and friends.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics joins ADW

With Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, the German Business Group welcomes a further logistics specialist as its newest member. The company is a privately owned organization and one of the world’s leading forwarding and logistics providers, with a network of 443 offices in 157 countries. This network of offices and warehouses is supported by a fleet of 5,000 trucks, cooperation agreements with all major shipping lines and airlines, cutting-edge IT and communication systems in order to provide efficient and innovative solutions to a wide range of customers.

Experience Smart Change lets ADW grow

The German Business Group welcomes Experience Smart Change (ESC) from Siem Reap as a new member in April 2018. The company was founded in 2017 by Wolfgang and Anita Weiss who both lived the last ten years in Shanghai. Based on their longstanding expertise in consulting and business management, they offer turnkey solutions for management retreats, seminars, as well as team building and cultural activities.

German cities offer highest quality of living standards

Source: Mercer

In a comparative study that measures the best quality of life in the world, Germany is the only country with seven cities in the thirty best rated locations with Munich (3rd), Düsseldorf (6th), and Frankfurt (7th) in the top ten. With top-city Vienna (Austria) and runner-up Zurich (Switzerland), two more German-speaking cities offer the world’s highest quality of living and continue to remain attractive destinations for expatriates on assignment.

Global transition survey published

Source: Bertelsmann Stiftung

Shrinking spaces for opposition politicians and civil society organizations along with persistent economic reform bottlenecks and some declines in government performance caused a downgrade of Cambodia in the most extensive comparative global transition survey published by a German foundation on March 22nd. While Cambodia improved in just one indicator (“output strength”) in the Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Transformation Index (BTI), it worsened in eleven out of 49 in total.

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