Porsche Cambodia (Precision Cars Cambodia Ltd.)


Ms. Sras Chakrya
Porsche Center Phnom Penh
235 Russian Federation Blvd.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Mobile: +855 (0)23 866 711

“In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I’d been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So, I decided to build it myself.”

This quote gets to the heart of everything that makes Porsche what it is. As a brand, as a company and as an automotive manufacturer. It has been our guiding star – for 70 years. And it covers all the values that characterize our work and our vehicles. It’s no wonder, therefore, that no-one can describe this better than the person who created the very first sports car to bear the Porsche name: Ferdinand Anton Ernst – or Ferry Porsche, for short.
Ferry Porsche

His dream of the perfect sports car has always driven us – throughout our history. And we get closer to achieving it every day. With every concept, every development and every model. Along the way, we follow a plan, an ideal that unites us all. We refer to it simply as the Porsche Principle. The underlying principle is to always get the most out of everything. From day one, we have strived to translate performance into speed – and success – in the most intelligent way possible. It’s no longer all about horsepower, but more ideas per horsepower. This principle originates on the race track and is embodied in every single one of our cars. We call it “Intelligent Performance”.

Precision Cars (Cambodia) Limited (or PCCL) is the official importer and distributor of Porsche vehicles and genuine parts in Cambodia. At the state-of-the-art Porsche Centre Phnom Penh, PCCL offers its customers sales and services of new and pre-owned Porsche vehicles including the 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, 911, Macan, Cayenne and Panamera model ranges. Furthermore, PCCL provides after-sales repairs, manufacturer backed new and pre-owned car warranty, genuine parts and accessories and more to all Porsche customers in Cambodia.